Thursday, August 02, 2007

Understanding Web 2.0 and Business

Meet Charlie - Enterprise 2.0 is a slide show that shows where Web 2.0 is taking business. I've hesitated adding it to my blog because it is filled with misused apostrophes. (Please see Lynn Truss's Eats, Shoots and Leaves for a detailed explanation of what I'm complaining about!)

However,Scott Gavin's slide show, posted on SlideShare - - provides an excellent description of where the business world is going, because of the web, as well as demonstrating how a PowerPoint can communicate effectively even without audio.

Enjoy - and learn!


Scott said...

Thanks for the mention, and yes I know about the errors. I finished the slides a few hours before a talk to the British Computer Society, and uploaded them to SlideShare so we could go through the site as a web 2.0 discussion point. I soon realized the mistakes but by then the slides had become so popular and embedded in so many blogs, that had I uploaded a corrected version all links would have been lost. So the world now has to live with the 'wrong version'. Best, Scott

Shifting Semiosis said...

Hi Scott,
I've just noticed an error in my post, so I can't be too critical ;->

Thanks for such a useful show!