Monday, August 13, 2007

Google add-ons Can End Ads!

If you use gmail, as I do ever since my computer crashed and I lost all my computer-based contacts, and if you get annoyed by the ads, as I do, here's a solution: courtesy of a comment by Miguel Guhlin on my Eduspaces blog -

I've installed and it works! No more annoying ads.


Miguel said...

Great! Glad you're happier. Now, have you considered using your Gmail space to save critical files? I like to encrypt certain files--like my signature, passport info--and make it available online so I can get to it no matter where I'm at.

More on that here:

Take care,
Miguel Guhlin
Around the

Shifting Semiosis said...

Hi Miguel,
Thanks for the suggestion about saving essential files by attaching them to a message and storing it in gmail. I use Box - - for a similar purpose, but a double backup never hurts.
BTW, the ad position I originally wrote about and displayed is still there, but I do appreciate being able to shut down the ads alongside my messages.