Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bell Canada's website is Useless for Phones

I have a new smart phone with Bell Canada, and I decided to set up an account with them so I could do business with them online. This is the email I couldn't send them because there's no available address:

"This is totally messed up - and I'm really tired after an hour and a half of trying to sort it out myself, and with chat, and on the phone. 

I now have three different user names for my bell, one my name spelled wrong, and at least one question I didn't add. 

Promised emails don't come - possibly because a variation on my email address that I NEVER have used was on the account I was trying to set up no matter how many times I corrected it. Other emails arrive with contradictory info. 

Horrible experience!!!!!!!!

Plus the website is useless on my mobile device:
  • writing too small when upright
  • keyboard covers most of the screen when sideways
  • automatically enlarges when entering info, which means scrolling sideways and up & down looking for "Next" which turns out to be "Continue" on the far right and partway down, totally useless for mobile users.
Your Web designers are beyond inept, into business - destroying.  If I hadn't just signed a 2 year contract I'd be gone. For sure I won't be considering using any other of your services."