Monday, March 13, 2006

Using Browsers - Works Best With ...

After my last class I was talking to one of the computer-savvy students about some trouble I have having playing some of the audio files for the most recent class assignment. He told me that I should be using IE (Internet Explorer). He agreed that it wasn't as good as FireFox in many ways, but it has an important strength. It is the most used, and most web applications are designed to work with IE while they aren't always designed to work well on other browsers. So I've taken his advice and opened my IE so I can use it to listen to my students' recordings of their narratives.

I accepted his advice because I respect his knowledge, and because I've stumbled against this problem myself more than once. I use a Mac platform, and I love my little iBook and OSX. And I really like Safari, the browser that came with it. But far fewer people use the Mac platform than use Windows and although most applications work quite well on the Mac platform, sometimes exclusively Mac
applications don't get as much support. Here's a small example.

Sometimes I forget to use Firefox for composing a Blogger post, and start doing it in Safari. This is not a good idea -
As you can see, above, I get more Browser usability in Firefox than in Safari, so I like to use Firefox when I'm composing, like now.

My computer-savvy student also suggested I use Mozilla, which is connected with Firefox, but not as trendy or adaptable. I've always liked Mozilla, which is what Netscape morphed into, so I might re-download it. It has Composer, which is a free, really easy, really handy WYSIWYG webauthoring application.

The short story:
My current favorite browsers: Safari, Firefox & Mozilla. Sometimes I use IE.


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