Monday, March 06, 2006

Academic Research is Changing!

Anyone who does academic research, or teaches others to do it, is facing a rapidly changing landscape.

From Educause,
via a feed in my Bloglines Account -

"The European Commission is to build a European digital library able to display around six million books, photographs and films and available to all internet users by 2010."

US Internet search giant Google started an international race to build an online library when it announced plans in December 2004 to digitise books and documents from a handful of big libraries.

Since then, US Internet and software giants Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon have announced separate plans while France, upset that private companies took the lead, has pushed for the creation of a public digital library, AFP reports.

Add this to other evolutions - such as I have posted on previously - and you'll see that academic research has changed more since the arrival of the web than in the previous few hundred years!


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