Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Suprglu

Suprglu is an interesting new web application that I have started using to have a home base for my various web adventures. Suprglu allows me to aggregate my web accounts into one place - my Suprglu account

I have included both my blogs, my more acedemic blog on Elgg and my Blogger blog, WebToolsForLearners, my Flickr account, my bookmarks, and my H2O Playlist on Poetry Basics. I haven't figured out if I can (ans/or how to)add my Furl account, but most of my other separate individual web spaces are now "glued" together.

And that handy;->



Michael said...

Suprglu does a nice job with items, also, just set as a source your RSS feed (i.e.,, substituting your Furl userid). Hope that helps!
-- Michael (from the Furl team)

Shifting Semiosis said...

Thanks Michael.

It helped, and now I have the RSS to my Furl account on my Suprglu.