Friday, February 24, 2006

Home Page Decisions

The web is huge and growing exponentially. That's enough to turn off lots of people, or intimidate them. But there are some ways to manage your web experience, starting with what you use as your homepage.

Many people use a comercially created portal, such as Yahoo's:

Some may set their homepage to a newspaper or some other news source, such as the CBC:

Many people set theirs to the institution or campany they work for -

While still others choose to use their own website or blog:

Here are two more suggestions. If you have more that one blog or site, you might want to compile them using SuprGlu, as I have described here.

Or you might want to aggregate all the important (to you) web pages and/or blogs and/or news sources using an aggregator like Bloglines, as I have described here.

All of these are choices for homepages to start you off when you join the web.

A brief note: Although Blogger can add photos, they don't transfer to SuprGlu, so I use Flickr to put them in my Blogger blog, and then they transfer smoothly to other web pages.


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