Friday, March 02, 2007

Teaching and Learning

George Seimens says:
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Innovation requires experimentation. When our schedules are too full for experimentation (a vital activity for helping teachers/educators understand the affordances of social software), we end up in a role of validating the existing structures of learning...rather than pushing boundaries of education for the benefit of learners.
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I believe teachers should be actively learning the new media, as part of keeping our own sense of how challenging and difficult learning can be. We need to model how to take on the challenge of learning for our students,


Francis said...

I agree. Teachers should set the example of lifelong learning be it new technology, new language or whatever.

It signals that we value learning; it reminds us what it is like to be outside the comfort zone; it encourages us to find new ways to learn(so we can pass these on to our pupils) and the act of watching another teacher can help us to identify good and weak practice.


Frank (

Shifting Semiosis said...

Beautifully put. I couldn't agree more.


Shifting Semiosis said...

I love your photo!