Thursday, March 01, 2007

Learning on the Web

I find the web a wonderful place for learning. While learning on the web, I have discovered that I like to see and hear how to do things using the web, not just read about it. When I find a new application that I might be able to use, I look for the Tour or for a video and/or screencast. I start from seeing and hearing; I read howtos, tips and Help later, when I get stuck.

As a result, when I read, in my Bloglines, about Scoble's post about Ning having a new drag and drop set up for creating personal social networks, like Elgg, (my choice) MySpace or Facebook, I immediately watched the 12 minute video on Ning's new and easy functionality.

Now I have my own social network and travel site! And it took me about half an hour!

How do you best learn using the web?


Bob said...

I clicked the link to whatwesaw but it led me to a page indicating viewing was by invitation only.

Cheers... bob

Shifting Semiosis said...

Thanks Bob. I've tried to change it to public; hope it works now.