Tuesday, May 16, 2006

mesh - Day 2, more - Tara Hunt

Tara Hunt http://www.horsepigcow.com/ – From Toronto – a former online marketing manager
Discovered the blogosphere, recruited through her blog and joined Silicon Valley .
BarCamp showed her both world and Toronto’s tech communities

What does this mean for the future of marketing?
We discussed this in small groups, and interestingly, there is an immediate distrust of the authenticity – in this group!
Bowiechick isn’t an “expert”; she’s a user and others would identify with her.
Many would trust bowiechick more than a TV commercial.
Tara suggests – “Go pinko!”
Pinko Marketing Principles
#1 inbound, rather than outbound messages
#2 you advocate to your company, not for your company
#3 100% authenticity (Stop using the word “viral”!)
#4 serve niche markets – the long tail Riya http://www.riya.com/ will soon have a Mac Uploader
#5 open source – wikis etc.
“Snakes on the Plane” – literally changed by the blogosphere, huge buzz
The blogosphere is the source of so many stories, but how do we bring social translucency into systems – evangelism – change your institution!

Is there a danger of community turning into just marketing?
You have to be part of the community you serve.

Reputation becomes part of it. You have to be in the community and build relationships over time, just like anywhere!


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