Monday, May 15, 2006

Blogging at Mesh

Writing with passion. Yup!

Tris Hussey is talking about blogging - and his presentation is EXCELLENT - and/or I agree with what he says. The room is crowded; I was lucky to get a seat. Joey, Accordian Guy, is in the room too.

Qumana is a free blog editing tool that Tris is referencing, and it looks interesting; I'll check it out later.

Blogs & Monitizing - Are ads the future? Does Google hold all the cards? Mark Evans suggests that blogs will federate and go to advertisers as groups. The money might come from branding, consulting, speaking etc. Someone suggests that the money made from blogs might come from the connections that result from your posts, with gigs and jobs coming to you.

Blogs could move into areas where people are used to paying - like education. I wonder if he is the guy from Nuvvo.

Now we're talking about marketing and advertising and transparency.

"We're all working for Google." Even if you take something down - it's still in the cache.

What about truth, opinion, and "blooging for evil"?
Who do you get to blog for your company? Webmaster, writer, team of developers, ....?

Good places to learn about blogs - books!


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Tris Hussey said...

Joan, Thanks for this write up. I really enjoyed your questions and comments during my workshop.