Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Failed Podcasting Experiment

If you click on the title, you will hear my brief podcast on how Walter Ong's concept of "secondary orality" - the orality that comes after text literacy, or with text literacy. I am in the classic learning-by-doing mode. First I used Blogger's Audio-Blogging tool and phoned in a blog. (See the post below.)

For this podcast, I used Audacity to create a recording, and iTunes (on my iBook)to reduce the size of the resulting mp3. Next I uploaded my mp3 file to ELGG, the very interesting learning landscape and eportfolio site, and used the resulting url to link to this blog, in the title.

In order to be able to do this, my learning path has been through reading educational technology blogs (take a look at my Blogroll, below on the right) and learning about podcasts. I sampled some, and then began searching the web to find out how to create one myself. The result, here, came from this searching and reading and trying and cursing, and searching some more and the bright idea (if I do say so myself)of using my ELGG account to host my mp3. I never did figure out how to do enclosures, and I wasn't sure which software might work for me.

So I have more to learn;->

... And I've been editing and re-editing my link to my mp3 file because my initial link corrupted.

... Still Trying


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