Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hacking Mail Accounts

I heard a disturbing story today from a friend. She has a Yahoo mail account, or rather, she had one. Someone hacked into it and sent emails to everyone in her contacts list. I can't remember if she said all her files were destroyed as well; we were both rushing in different directions.

All her contacts got an email starting "Hello Dear" which her kids immediately recognized as a fraud because she never uses that kind of phrase. The email continued, telling her contacts that she was stranded in Africa, and where they could send the money she needed to get back home.

I don't want to increase anyone's paranoia, but that level of fraud is pretty scary. My friend is a smart lady, and she took action immediately, but it has caused her a lot of trouble and anxiety. I don't know what would allow that kind of security breech. Does anybody know how to avoid that kind of hacking?

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