Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A New Web Research Tool - Yoono

Text and image notes below video
I'm editing the shared post from my Yoono account because, although Yoono looks very handy for saving material found on the web, (text, images and video), it isn't completely my fantasy.
  • You only get to see one section of my notes on my "buzz" on the Yoono demo page; I couldn't select the whole "buzz", just one individual "note" on the "buzz" to share.
  • I couldn't drag the "notes" into the order I wanted; they appeared in the order they were "buzzed".
Of course, I'm a completely new user so I may just have missed some of the information provided in the video and the text/image explanations.

In any case, it looks to be like a cross between and digg. I suspect it will be more popular among the digital natives than because of its ease of connection with MySpace and because it feels more like the social web aspects they are familiar with.

I suggest you take a look at it, and spend some time playing with it. (In my opinion, you can't judge just from the demo; you need to play/learn, which is what I'm engaged in this morning.)

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