Monday, February 19, 2007

After the Crash: A Final Accounting

Well, my computer is as back to normal as I can get it. Some stuff was recovered, some was replaced, and some was lost forever.

What was Recovered
Many of my Word files were recovered, Not all; I keep discovering that something I know I had is missing. But, thanks to the service people at Canadian Computer on Speers in Oakville, I have much to be grateful for.
  • most of my applications were recovered, so I have the work set-up I'm used to.
  • many of my Word files were recovered but not the files from the course that I worked hardest on. I might be able to salvage some information from the histories of pages in the course wiki, but ...
  • my old poetry is gone and I only have some of it in hard copy.
  • and there's more that I will discover missing in the future, I suppose.

Some Replacements
  • I've downloaded QuickImage again, so I can easily turn my screenshots into jpegs for uploading to Flickr
  • I've downloaded Audacity and Lame so I can make MP3s
  • I'm going to get my podcasts set up in iTunes again

Lost Forever
  • my pictures. Some were in Flickr, but I use that mainly to provide images for my blogs. Many of my personal pictures are gone.
  • As I mentioned earlier, much of my older poetry is gone, and much of my carefully collected and built course materials are gone.
  • My Address Book and all my email files are gone

Lessons Learned
  • Backup, backup, backup!!!
  • At least for now, I'm forwarding all my email addresses to my gmail account, so I can store my addresses and the messages I save online.
  • Using online services, like for bookmarking and Bloglines for collecting blog urls, is not just social, it's a safety move. What I had online, I still have.

What I've Added
  • I now have a 120 GB hard drive, bigger than the one that crashed.
  • I now have a 640 MB RAM, much bigger than I used to have.

So I've learned a lot, more about the mechanics of computers, more about the wise use of my computer (did I mention you should backup your files?) and that my computer is my external brain, but that I can rebuild and repair it when accidents happen.

A Dark Note
I was going to add a photo of my computer that I had stored in Flickr, but Flickr appears to be closed down for now. Even online is not a complete safety net. Backup!


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