Friday, August 26, 2005

Stop Bookmarking; Start Furling

Do you ever have to change computers? And struggle saving your Bookmarks or Favorites files?

Or do you use a different computer at home from at school or work? Tired of not being able to find a site you know you bookmarked or added to your favorites because it's not on the computer you're using?

What you need is an online social bookmarks manager. Here are two free sites that allow you to save links online. Both furl, the one I use, and are widely recommended. Both are easy to set up and maintain.

Once you create an account, you can begin saving links to the sites you might need or want in the future and you'll never have to save and then reinstall a Bookmarks or Favorites file again.


1 comment:

Simon said...

Thanks this is really useful. I have lost so many bookmarks when one of my PCs crashes, hopefully never again.....from a digital immigrant